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Shawl Patterns

Diamond Sunburst Shawl by Natalie Servant. An elegant beaded lace shawl that stays in place.

This shawl features a provisional cast on at the collar, knit from the neck down, knit-on sdging at the bottom and collar, charted and writeen lace pattern, and beads to highlight the diamond design.

Materials: 700 yards of Woolen Rabbit Muireann or dimilar lace weight or fingering weight yarn.
350 size 6/0 beads
3.75 mm (US5) ciscular needle.

Our Price is $10.00 CDN ($7.50 US)

Chrysler Crown Shawl by Natalie Servant. A rectangular lace stole of scarf inspired by the Chrysler Building.

This shawl starts in the middle with a provitional cast on. It has garter stitch borders on all four sides.

The finished size is 17.5 inches by 82 inches for the shawl or 9 inches by 80 inches for the scarf.

Materials: Shawl - 1700 yards of Handmaiden Sea Silk. Scarf - 600 yards of lace weight yarn.
3.25 mm (US#) circular needle.

Our Price is $10.00 CDN ($7.50 US)

Eiffel Tower Shawl by Natalie Servant. A triangular shawl inspired by the lace like details on the Eiffel Tower.

The finished measurements ar 38" by 18" if knit in small lace, 82" by 41" in knit in Large lace, and 52" by 27" if knit in fingering.

Materials: Small Lace - 750 yards. Large Lace - 1100 yards. Fingering - 800 yards. Lace weight - 3.5 mm (US4) circular needle. Fingering - 4.0 mm (US6) circular needle.

Our Price is $10.00 CDN ($7.50 US)