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cm - centimeter(s)
g - gram(s)
in - inch(es)
K - knit
mm - millimeter(s)
p - purl
rep - repeat
ssK - slip 2 sts separately to right needle as if to knit. K them tog by slipping left needle into them from left to right.
st(s) - stitch(es)
tog - together

3 (4,4) balls of 50g worsted weight wool
5 1/2 mm (US 9) needles

The instructions are written for a child's slipper, women's and men's sizes are written in the brackets ( ). You must knit with two strands of your main yarn at the same time.

Pull off (do not cut) three 3 in (7.5cm) lengths of roving. Twist three lengths of roving tog at the centre until the centre is about the same thickness as your two strands of yarn.

Insert needle into the stitch. Wrap the knitting yarn around the inserted needle. Slip the folded thrum over the inserted needle so that the ends are to the inside of the slipper. Complete the stitch by pulling the yarn and the thrum through the stitch together. Insert a thrum into the body of the slipper every third stitch and every fourth row, starting with a thrum in the second stitch of the row.

With two strands of main yarn, cast on 9 (12,12) sts. In stocking st, work 2 rows without thrums. Work with four-row-thrum pattern for the rest of the slipper. Repeat pattern until heel, from beginning, measures 3 (3,4) in [7.5 (7.5, 10) cm.]

Cast on 9 (9,12) sts at the beginning of the next two rows. Continue in pattern until slipper measures 8 (9,10) in [20 (22.5, 25) cm.] (or, for child's or women's slippers, the length of the base of the person's foot. For men's slipper, the length of the base of the man's foot plus one in. [2.5 cm] ) End with a WS row. Continue in thrummed pattern, and shape toe as follows:

Toe shaping:
Row 1: K5 (6,7)sts, K2tog, ssK, K9 (10,14), K2tog, ssK, K5 (6,7)sts - 23 (26,32)sts.
Row 2 and every WS row: Purl
Row 3: Knit
Row 5: K4 (5,6)sts, K2tog, ssK, K7 (8,12), K2tog, ssK, K4 (5,6)sts - 19 (22,28)sts
Row 7: Child's and women's - Knit
Row 7: Men's - K5, K2tog, ssK, K10, K2tog, ssK, K5 - 24sts.
Row 9: K3 (4,4)sts, K2tog, ssK, K5 (6,8), K2tog, ssK, K3 (4,4)sts - 15 (18,20)sts.
Row 11: K2 (3,3)sts, K2tog, ssK, K3 (4,6), K2tog, ssK, K2 (3,3)sts - 11 (14,16)sts
Row 12: Purl
Row 13: Cast-off.

Stitch side edges of heel to cast on edges of foot. Measure and mark 4 (5,5) in [10 (12.5, 12.5) cm] on both sides of slipper, from toe edge towards heel. With only one strand of main yarn, pick-up and knit 45 (49,53) sts evenly from marker to marker, around heel. Work back and forth in rows of K1, P1 ribbing for 1 1/2 in [4cm.] Cast-off in rib. Fold band to WS and sew to pick-up edge. Sew instep seam starting from the ribbing to toe edge. Graft toe seam.

Make both slippers the same.

Created by Chantal Manship © Yarn Forward Inc. 1998.

A Yarn Forwardtm Pattern.