Overlock Sergers

Yarn Forward & Sew-On is a Dealer of Excellence and therefore offer you an Extra Support Package (ESP). ESP gives you, the customer, An Extended Warranty, Free User Instruction Classes, Sewing Club Projects, Customer Bulletins, Telephone Assistance, Software Assistance, Preferred Customer Status, Full Trade-Up Program, Teaching Opportunities, Husqvarna Viking Credit Card Plan, and Newsletters.

Our overlocks are the perfect complement to your sewing machine. Whether you choose the 4-thread or 5 thread, you can add a professional finish and decorative details to all you sew. Best of all, there is a Huskylock priced to fit your budget.
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Huskylock s25

Innovation that creates a new overlock experience.

Huskylock s21

Innovative at every turn, from the inside out.

H|Class 200S

Create a heavenly haven with a professional finish